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Gemma Jonker Hortus Botanicus, 2008

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Voorschoten, Netherlands

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Gemma Jonker, Hortus Botanicus
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Informations about this artwork
  • Medium

    Painting : acrylic

  • Dimensions cm | inch

    39.4 x 27.6 x 0.8 inch

  • Support

    Painting on canvas on stretcher

  • Framing

    Not framed

  • Type

    Unique work

  • Authenticity

    Work sold with an invoice from the gallery
    and a certificate of authenticity

  • Signature

    Hand-signed by artist

  • About the artwork

    Artwork sold in perfect condition

    The acrylic painting "Vertical Diptych- Hortus Botanicus" by Gemma Jonker described by art historian Wouter Maas.

    "This painting, made of two canvases, has a strong upward movement. This draws your eye from below in the bottom canvas to the second one above. Only when you arrive there, it becomes completely clear what Gemma Jonker has depicted: a variety of plants. The different leaves. give a range of textures. The soft, matt leaf on the left, the jagged, smooth of the leaves above, just to the right of the center, the tickling of the monitor lizards on the right. about to come true, a promise of spring and new life.

    The painting is executed in acrylic paint. This is a type of paint that was invented in the twentieth century. The paint can be thinned to create a watercolor-like effect. Applied thickly, however, it comes close to oil paint. It is then just a bit more matter. In the work of Gemma Jonker, the use of this modern paint ensures the light matte of the work. The rapid drying of the paint makes it possible to distinguish brushstrokes in different colors.

    The most dominant color in Vertical Diptych is green. This green is displayed in a huge spectrum: from cool, almost blue, saturated deep, to almost dark and black in the top left corner. The red of the flower is a complementary color to green. This "jumps" it out of the environment. Warm colors are shown in the bottom right corner. The red, orange and purple are a counterpart to the calm greens.

    The use of color and composition create a delicate balance between tranquility and dynamism. The warm colors form the basis of the upward movement. The thin lines come out in full foliage. The outlines of these leaves are indicated by sparing use of red. This creates depth and highlights the individual shapes of the leaves.

    The title Vertical Diptych - Hortus Botanicus refers to various historical phenomena. A diptych is a diptych that falls under the larger group of polyptychs (polyptychs). The theme of this category is generally religious. The diptych's function, especially popular in the Netherlands in the fifteenth century, was for a personal experience of faith. The direction of these diptychs was horizontal, something Gemma Jonker reverses. There is no clear Christian theme in Vertical Diptych. Still, the title and it can hint at the divinity of nature.

    Hortus Botanicus refers to the botanical gardens that were established in Europe from the sixteenth century. The oldest in the Netherlands is in Leiden. Gemma painted this painting after a visit to the Hortus in this city. The gardens had a scientific plant collection of flora from all over the world. Scientists and artists worked together: publications were often accompanied by incredibly detailed drawings and prints. The division between art and science did not exist. Gemma plays with the history of the arts in this painting.

    Vertical Diptych - Hortus Botanicus refers to different historical traditions: faith, the representation of nature, science in collaboration with art. It is personal and universal at the same time. Calm and dynamic. But also stripped of history, Gemma Jonker's work is a work that continues to be looked upon due to its beauty, well-considered composition and use of color. Plus, the promise of new life in the form of the red flower that is about to come true is one that appeals to everyone."
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Gemma Jonker

Netherlands Born in: 1950

Gemma Jonker studied art in The Hague and has these past decades exhibited in solo shows and group exhibitions. Most notable about her work is how she is always busy creating art. She often paints on location, but also in her studio. Jonker is also always expanding on her technique and she is truly a master of figurative and abstract works. You can recognize her work by her use of lines in continuity with the whole of the composition. We have a selection of her landscapes, but this is the tip of the iceberg of what Jonker can do. If you are interested in more of her works and her career visit her website.

Our absolute favourite of her landscape is Ootmarsun and her Hortus Botanicus diptych is a prize piece out of her oeuvre. 

Gemma Jonker is mainly a painter, that also makes collages, aquarelles and pen drawings.

Her style is an interplay between geometric and organic figurative art. Most art work interplays with something in or outside the art work. A painting with a sculpture, lines of a field with lines of houses, colour with organic compositions.

Colour always interplays with geometric and figurative style in her landscape paintings.

Her style is fresh, colourful and light. There is always a continuous interplay with lines and colour. A connection between composition is always sought in lines or in colour. Organic and geometric composition are brought into harmony.

Gemma studied art at the Koniinklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst (KABK/Royal Acadamy of Visual Arts) in The Hague. With a focus on model drawings, art history and design of fashion and textile patterns.

After her time at the KABK she continued her art studies in the path of the Old Dutch Masters in drawing.

For many years Gemma has painted landscapes and travelled around The Netherlands and Europe for her en plein air  paintings. Often this with a group of other artists, especially when travelling to Germany or France.

Art means everything to Gemma, “I could not fathom a life without the fascination and wonder for the arts. Most of my time is spent painting, alone or with others. I am constantly visiting exhibitions and meeting other artists. I also love the theatre, especially ballet." Art is as she lives and breathes.

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Gemma Jonker, Hortus Botanicus
Gemma Jonker, Hortus Botanicus Gemma Jonker, Hortus Botanicus Gemma Jonker, Hortus Botanicus Gemma Jonker, Hortus Botanicus Gemma Jonker, Hortus Botanicus