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Valerian Sioridzé, Guépard

Valerian Sioridzé Guépard, 2019

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The artwork is available for pickup from the gallery in Paris, France

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Informations about this artwork
  • Medium

    Sculpture : bronze, resin

  • Dimensions cm | inch

    6.7 x 16.9 x 4.7 inch

  • Support

    Sculpture sold with steel pedestal
    Dimensions of pedestal: 3.9 x 2.8 x 2.8 inch

  • Type

    Numbered and limited to 10 copies

  • Authenticity

    Work sold with an invoice from the gallery
    and a certificate of authenticity

  • Signature

    Hand-signed by artist

  • Offered by the gallery

    Libre Est L'Art
    Paris - France

  • About the artwork

    Artwork sold in perfect condition

    Magnificent sculpture of the artist Valerian Sioridzé on the theme of the animal!
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Valerian Sioridzé

France Born in: 1985
Translation in progress

I'm a self-taught sculptor and moulder.

I have been practicing my art in France for 4 years. I sculpt on clay, wax or plastinine and mold in plaster and resin. My dream would be to make bronze sculptures.

Since my childhood I have always liked to play with plastiline. The first time I was supposed to be a sculptor was when I was 13 years old when I was doing theatre. One day behind the scenes, my teacher called me to the principal's office. As soon as I arrived in the office I saw some people carving the faces of different puppets.

My attention was not on the meticulous and creative gesture of these puppet sculptors.

That evening, I took a piece of clay and I started sculpting a cowboy's head with his hat. The next day I took him to the theatre to show the sculptors. Everyone was very surprised to see that my cowboy was realistic and I was very proud to see the puppeteers using him for one of their plays.

Time passed and I became involved in the sport of combat because my father forced me to. The bigger I got, the harder I felt in Georgia. I had not been able to continue my studies as I wished and I no longer saw a future in my country. When I was 22, I decided to go to Italy thinking that I would find my mother who had already settled there. It was finally when I stopped in Paris that I had a strange feeling. I wanted to stay there and try my luck in France. In 1 year I settled in Tours.

I learned French and I was able to start a job in the building. I then moved to Paris and six more years when less difficult went by...

It was in 2015, after contemplating the art galleries and exchanging with gallery owners, that I returned to sculpture.

I remember coming out of the BHV with 5 kilos of clay and a small tool kit for sculptors.

I immediately had in mind carving a lion. I started looking at pictures of a lion in 360°. Very soon I realized that I had a very precise look at the details: the shapes, the muscles, the anatomy... I also knew that I would not be able to reproduce what I saw because I had no mastery of the technique.

I carved hours, days, see weeks on I've sculpted hours, days, weeks on my first sculptures. With a lot of work and thought I managed to get the result I wanted.

I myself was amazed at what I could do with my hands, I felt that I was not alone, that a force was propelling me.

Over time, thanks to practice, I have always wanted to go further, to do more beautiful with more and more precision. I couldn't do without the sculpture.

I started selling my first clay sculptures. A few months later I realized that I had lost track of my first works. It was then that I began to research moulding techniques. So I learned the moulding through observation, reflection, perseverance, and a great deal of rigour in my work. By learning moulding techniques, I was able to reproduce and preserve the original pieces of my sculptures.

I sculptured whenever I could after my work day. Unfortunately, I didn't have a place in my apartment and I had settled on the landing.

A few months later, I stopped my food work, and I moved into a studio but I was quickly confronted with the same problem : a considerable lack of space. After a year of difficult practice, my partner and I decided to move so that I could have my own space. I dreamed about it! My own workshop. ! This indispensable space for any artist. To imagine, create, draw, experiment, shape, sculpt, cast, destroy and rebuild everything. I finally had a room that served as a workshop where many ideas could emerge and where brand new sculptures could see the light of day.

Particularly sensitive to the beauty of our planet I made a collection on animal art. I also started a collection on the great warriors of history. I also wish to represent some ethnic peoples threatened today with extinction by globalization.

It is through my art that I wish to be able to convey many messages.

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Valerian Sioridzé, Guépard
Valerian Sioridzé, Guépard Valerian Sioridzé, Guépard Valerian Sioridzé, Guépard Valerian Sioridzé, Guépard