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Mireille Robbe Agitation Alignée XI, 2020

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One of the last works available by this artist
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Galerie Géraldine Banier

Paris, France

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Mireille Robbe, Agitation Alignée XI
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About the work
  • Medium

    Painting : wax, Indian ink

  • Dimensions cm | inch

    19.7 x 16.9 x 0.4 inch

  • Support

    Painting on paper

  • Framing

    Beige wood frame

  • Artwork dimensions including frame

    21.1 x 18.3 x 1.2 inch

  • Type

    Unique work

  • Authenticity

    Work sold with an invoice from the gallery
    and a certificate of authenticity

  • Signature

    Hand-signed by artist

  • About the artwork

    Artwork sold in perfect condition

    The "agitation" is inspired by clouds, the "aligned" part is a beeswax line in which holes are drilled and aligned. This strip makes the whole thing calmer. The purer the material, the more the molecules are aligned, as you can see for example in carbon: charcoal is the least pure form (non-aligned molecules, black, does not let light through) of diamond (perfectly aligned molecules, transparent, lets light through).

    In this series, I have taken up my love for ink and brushes again. What interests me about Indian ink is that it is partially mastered but that it also follows its own path. As Jean Cocteau says so well in his book "Opium" - "Les nobles caprices de l'encre de Chine...". In my work, beeswax is synonymous with embalming and protection. By drawing a line you put an end to the agitation caused by the clouds. Gold powder means finding one's true Self, the "Self" and not the "I". Aligned holes give even more stability.

    Since everything that happens in the universe (nature) can be traced back to human psychology, this is also the case here. This is hermetic thinking: Everything that is above is like everything that is below. The link between macro and micro cosmetics.

    Carl Gustav Jung used this philosophy in his work. The moment when one is most oneself (without artifice), is when one is "Silent, still and aligned".

    For example, when you look at a beautiful sunset you are completely silent, motionless and aligned: you don't think about what you think, what you look like, how others perceive you, you don't move, you don't make noise. This is your purest state - you can compare this to the explanation on charcoal above. The inspiration for this series comes from several books by Jung and Patrick Burensteinas. You will see that the more the series (12 drawings) progresses, the calmer the background drawing becomes. The alignment clearly also has an effect on the creator.

    The last one is the final drawing of this series, the context is so calm in itself that there is no line drawn in beeswax but a circle. This serves more as a "signature" than as a calming agent.

    - Mireille Robbe
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Origin: France
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Mireille Robbe

Belgium Born in: 1962

Mireille Robbe's work is a research on herself through her suitcase in the painting studio of Maurice Van Saene in Saint Luc - Brussels, reading, intuition, ...

In 2012, one of her works from the VITRIOL series sent her on the path of hidden symbols, which led her to Alchemy (and CG Jung) or, quite simply, to the philosophy of nature, of the universe.
An inexhaustible source of information and inspiration.

She integrates this symbolism and this philosophy only in her mode of reflection and not in the first visual layer of her works.

You will see that all of its concepts are related, even though they look different. This visual difference is partly explained by the fact that the chosen medium depends on the concept and not vice versa.

The common thread of her work is to show us the ingenuity of nature, to make us think about details that escape us because of their so-called obviousness.

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Mireille Robbe, Agitation Alignée XI
Mireille Robbe, Agitation Alignée XI Mireille Robbe, Agitation Alignée XI