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Architecture Sculpture

Art and architecture share many similarities. They've influenced one another throughout history. However, trying to liken these two disciplines will inevitably lead to certain contractions.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that Art, in its broadest sense, is defined as a creation meant to trigger an emotional response which is generally related to aesthetic pleasure. It doesn't satisfy any of life's basic needs, but it leads to thoughts, reflections, and often taps into our subconscious and our memory. On the other hand, architecture's primary purpose is to shelter individuals and ensure their safety. Architecture is meant to serve a utilitarian purpose.

Today, architecture has gone far beyond this initial function. Architects have strived to combine engineering and aesthetic research to create buildings that are so out of the ordinary we wonder how they were designed. They want their creations to stand out and favour originality and creativity. Just like in arts, architecture is influenced by the historical, social, and political context of the time and each movement has its own characteristics, from baroque to futurism to Bauhaus. Modern architecture marked a turn in the history of architecture. Architects revolutionised the social scope of their discipline and took an industrialist approach to society and nature — avant-garde architects rubbed shoulders with artists such as Georges Braque, Piet Mondrian, and members of the De Stijl group. Le Corbusier is a pioneer in collective housing, and also took part in ambitious projects which aimed to rebuild entire cities, such as Chandigarh in India. Decorative arts also developed by taking inspiration from the conventions that governed modernist architecture.

Contemporary architecture might not be a specific movement per se, but buildings that fall into this category share certain attributes. Contemporary architecture is characterised by curvy lines and various volumes in a single structure, as seen with the Sydney Opera House. The architect Jørn Utzon explained that he didn't seek to create a building for this project, but an actual sculpture. The building continually renews itself with new meanings and experiences for each passerby. Architectural works often require periods of deep reflection and a long though process in order for the architect to envisage how to give their building a sense of character and soul.

Whether architecture is an art or not is a never ending debate, but it is undeniable that there are strong links between the two disciplines. There are many examples of collaborations between contemporary artists and architects, and today the works of the greatest architects are exhibited in museums along with their fellow artists.

Discover our selections of artworks inspired by art and architecture!

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Nicolas Dubreuille, Sans Titre Ref (277), Sculpture

Nicolas Dubreuille

Sans Titre Ref (277), 2017
36.6 x 11 x 9.8 inch


Anacleto Spazzapan, Pink Touch Woody Chair, Sculpture

Anacleto Spazzapan

Pink Touch Woody Chair, 1990
48.2 x 21.1 x 20.5 inch


Florim Hasani, Héritage, Sculpture

Florim Hasani

Héritage, 2013
13.8 x 15.7 x 15.7 inch


Bernard Saint-Maxent, Heart Painter, Sculpture

Bernard Saint-Maxent

Heart Painter, 2018
39.4 x 11.8 x 3.9 inch


Simon Raffy, Optical 3, Sculpture

Simon Raffy

Optical 3, 2014
3 x 3 x 3 inch


Crixo Aponte, Taurus, Sculpture

Crixo Aponte

Taurus, 2020
51.2 x 41.3 x 70.9 inch


Alexandre Mijatovic, Birdy, Sculpture

Alexandre Mijatovic

Birdy, 2017
15.7 x 7.9 x 7.9 inch


Boris Jean, New wave, Sculpture

Boris Jean

New wave, 2018
5.5 x 11.4 x 5.9 inch


Dani Olivier, Eiffel Tower, Sculpture

Dani Olivier

Eiffel Tower, 2020
39.4 x 23.6 x 1.6 inch


Benjamin Affagard aka Come, Street Vitrine 'Maison de la Presse', Sculpture

Benjamin Affagard aka Come

Street Vitrine 'Maison de la Presse', 2019
15 x 14.6 x 2.8 inch


Zevs, Pneumatique, Sculpture


Pneumatique, 2007
19.7 x 7.9 x 5.9 inch


Jane Grieco, Cancale - Les laveuses d'huitres, Sculpture

Jane Grieco

Cancale - Les laveuses d'huitres, 2020
9.1 x 18.5 x 0.4 inch


Jeff Koons, Puppy, Sculpture

Jeff Koons

Puppy, 1990
11 x 15 x 1 inch


Frédéric Lavaud, L'échelle 115, Sculpture

Frédéric Lavaud

L'échelle 115, 2020
26 x 5.1 x 5.5 inch


Corinne Berset, Cœur de chêne, Sculpture

Corinne Berset

Cœur de chêne, 2018
18.9 x 6.7 x 3.9 inch


Rafael Barón, Ed. Palma, Sculpture

Rafael Barón

Ed. Palma, 2021
10.6 x 10.6 x 2 inch


Mario Pasqualotto, Asian Dream, Sculpture

Mario Pasqualotto

Asian Dream, 2007
19.7 x 19.7 x 3.9 inch


Dany, Idée, Sculpture


Idée, 2019
15.7 x 47.2 x 2.8 inch


Jinny Yu, Stalker, Sculpture

Jinny Yu

Stalker, 2014
70.9 x 52 x 35.8 inch


Francesco Marino Di Teana, Hommage à Lao Tseu H.16 cm chromée, Sculpture

Francesco Marino Di Teana

Hommage à Lao Tseu H.16 cm chromée, 2019
6.3 x 3.3 x 1.6 inch


Joël Froment, S Alphabet, Sculpture

Joël Froment

S Alphabet, 2003
9.4 x 6.3 x 1.6 inch


Jorge Salas, Black Composition / Soto's Memory, Sculpture

Jorge Salas

Black Composition / Soto's Memory, 2018
24.5 x 24.5 x 2 inch


Le Mouvement, La Rencontre de Adam et Morgane, Sculpture

Le Mouvement

La Rencontre de Adam et Morgane, 2019
16.1 x 25.6 x 6.7 inch


Our recommendations Olivier Moravik, Radius, Sculpture

Olivier Moravik

Radius, 2017
16.5 x 39.4 x 15 inch


Éricc, Cactus, Sculpture


Cactus, 2020
55.1 x 23.6 x 23.6 inch


Notte, Longwood | Sycomore, Sculpture


Longwood | Sycomore, 2013
72.8 x 8.7 x 8.7 inch


Arden Scott, Red boat, Sculpture

Arden Scott

Red boat, 1993
8.7 x 13.4 x 52.4 inch


Vincent Mauger, Sans Titre, Sculpture

Vincent Mauger

Sans Titre, 2017
78.7 x 78.7 x 78.7 inch


Joshua Smith, Black Shadow Trading Company, Sculpture

Joshua Smith

Black Shadow Trading Company, 2015
14 x 12 x 12 inch


Our recommendations Gianluca Lerici (Prof. Bad Trip), Lego Robot, Sculpture

Gianluca Lerici (Prof. Bad Trip)

Lego Robot, 2002
8.7 x 8.3 x 9.4 inch


Los Carpinteros, Piscina Olimpica, Sculpture

Los Carpinteros

Piscina Olimpica, 2017
35.4 x 31.5 x 65.4 inch


Jannick Deslauriers, Ruines (édifice #2), Sculpture

Jannick Deslauriers

Ruines (édifice #2), 2016
22.8 x 10.2 x 10.2 inch


Laurent Lamarche, Replica Minus, Sculpture

Laurent Lamarche

Replica Minus, 2016
13.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inch


India Leire, Specimen, Sculpture

India Leire

Specimen, 2010
11.8 x 7.9 x 7.9 inch


Desislava Stoilova, Setting Sunshine, Sculpture

Desislava Stoilova

Setting Sunshine, 2019
8.7 x 14.6 x 3.9 inch


André Affolter (Condé), Sans titre, Sculpture

André Affolter (Condé)

Sans titre, 1980
31.1 x 23.2 x 18.9 inch


Jean-Paul Réti, Architecture 2, Sculpture

Jean-Paul Réti

Architecture 2, 2000
35.4 x 19.7 x 17.7 inch


Equipo 57, Untitled, Sculpture

Equipo 57

Untitled, 1960
13.8 x 18.9 x 15.7 inch


Mar Solís, Corona XVIII, Sculpture

Mar Solís

Corona XVIII, 2012
55.1 x 47.2 x 39.4 inch


Guillaume Lachapelle, Sans titre, Sculpture

Guillaume Lachapelle

Sans titre, 2015
7.5 x 20.1 x 20.1 inch


K-OD, Bohême, Sculpture


Bohême, 2018
16.5 x 16.5 x 16.5 inch


Consuelo Vinchira, Estructure EG19, Sculpture

Consuelo Vinchira

Estructure EG19, 2015
78.7 x 29.9 x 0.4 inch


Laura Nillni, Racine Carrée, Sculpture

Laura Nillni

Racine Carrée, 2007
39.4 x 39.4 x 4.3 inch


Ramón Cerezo, Vacios MPAP, Sculpture

Ramón Cerezo

Vacios MPAP, 2016
7.9 x 7.9 x 7.9 inch


Guido Zimmermann, Cuckoo Block "Jena", Sculpture

Guido Zimmermann

Cuckoo Block "Jena", 2019
27.6 x 9.1 x 4.7 inch


Clément Cauvet, Lampe numéro1- Le poids global, Sculpture

Clément Cauvet

Lampe numéro1- Le poids global, 2020
22.6 x 3.9 x 4.7 inch


Kico Camacho, Intro Nature, Sculpture

Kico Camacho

Intro Nature, 2018
118.1 x 118.1 x 196.9 inch


La Fratrie, Be the change you wish to see, Sculpture

La Fratrie

Be the change you wish to see, 2017
13.4 x 28 x 8.5 inch


Nando Stevoli, Pleating, Sculpture

Nando Stevoli

Pleating, 2016
39.4 x 59.1 x 2 inch


Yves Allègre, Apple NY, Sculpture

Yves Allègre

Apple NY, 2017
41.3 x 36.6 x 5.9 inch


Matteo Di Ciommo, Hierophanies, Sculpture

Matteo Di Ciommo

Hierophanies, 2020
9.1 x 7.5 x 7.5 inch


Jean-Pierre Desprez, Yersin, Sculpture

Jean-Pierre Desprez

Yersin, 2020
7.9 x 29.5 x 4.7 inch


Sam Son, Bad boys, Sculpture

Sam Son

Bad boys, 2018
55.1 x 39.4 x 4.3 inch


Jacinto Genis Terron, Nacimiento en una Calabaza / Ceramics Mexican Folk Art Miniature Nativity, Sculpture

Jacinto Genis Terron

Nacimiento en una Calabaza / Ceramics Mexican Folk Art Miniature Nativity, 2017
2 x 2.8 x 2.4 inch


Miguel Guía, Essence de jeunesse Grand bronze coulé, Sculpture

Miguel Guía

Essence de jeunesse Grand bronze coulé, 2018
21.3 x 7.9 x 9.8 inch


Anacleto Spazzapan, Pink Africa Chair, Sculpture

Anacleto Spazzapan

Pink Africa Chair, 1990
36 x 23.2 x 17.3 inch


Anacleto Spazzapan, Metal Blue Chair, Sculpture

Anacleto Spazzapan

Metal Blue Chair, 1990
51.2 x 22.4 x 18.9 inch


Miguel Guía, Essence de la jeunesse, bois, Sculpture

Miguel Guía

Essence de la jeunesse, bois, 2017
22.8 x 11 x 7.9 inch


Our recommendations Miguel Guía, Cheval Cubiste de Guernica Bois, Sculpture

Miguel Guía

Cheval Cubiste de Guernica Bois, 2017
22 x 9.8 x 7.9 inch


Miguel Guía, Abstracción NFL Inspiración Antony Gormley, Sculpture

Miguel Guía

Abstracción NFL Inspiración Antony Gormley, 2018
16.9 x 11 x 7.5 inch


Carlos Purroy, Lost in the Snow, Sculpture

Carlos Purroy

Lost in the Snow, 2017
21.7 x 11.8 x 7.5 inch

$3,774 $5,170

Miguel Guía, Guitariste Arlequin Grand Fonte du Bronze, Sculpture

Miguel Guía

Guitariste Arlequin Grand Fonte du Bronze, 2017
20.9 x 12.2 x 9.8 inch


Arman, Hommage à Eiffel, Sculpture


Hommage à Eiffel, 1994
15 x 9.4 x 3.5 inch


Christophe Comerro, Vegas pop art New York, Sculpture

Christophe Comerro

Vegas pop art New York, 2021
16.1 x 11.8 x 17.7 inch


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