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Warm colours

Through a beautiful combination of colours, artists can add warm tones to their colour palette.

The distinction between 'warm' or 'cold' colours appeared at the end of the 18th century, and is often used in the field of graphic art. The expressions refer to whether a tone is closer to orange or blue, while the notion of warmth comes from the impression that the mixture of colours evokes in the viewer.

The celebrated Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky believed that artists should use form and colour to both express their own emotions and provoke them in the viewer. As the pioneer of abstract art, Kandinsky established a connection between shapes and colours. For him, a colour's most intense warmth came from yellow, the 'earth colour'.

Indeed, whether a painting depicts the midday sun or a fiery sunset, yellow fields of wheat or ochre-coloured houses, all these colours warm both our hearts and interiors

These artists, chosen by Artsper, use warm colours to portray both humorous and naturalistic subjects. Here, colour is more important and powerful than ever: from yellow to red, these bright, summery colours transport us to warmer plains. Why not capture a little sunlight to keep in your home all year round?

Street artist Okuda (Oscar San Miguel) has transformed streets around the world with his colourful geometric masterpieces. His works are bursting with vitality and colour. His geometrical patterns, daubed across greying urban architecture, encourage positivity and lift spirits. The artist's work aims to show the meaning of life and its contradictions. He wants to make us reflect on the conflicts between modernism and humanity's origins, as well as war and violence.

As for Nicolas Dubreuille, his incredibly personal, playful and imaginative work is firmly rooted in the history of art. With intertwined matrix-like, geometric and totemic shapes, his creations are evocative of figures, animals or even architecture. Nicolas Dubreuille employs bright, vivid and warm colours to give even more depth to his works.

Still wondering which work should decorate your living room or master bedroom? Look no further! To visually enhance and revitalise even the most immaculate walls, dare to use colour!

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Jeremy Dickinson, Minibus Evolution, Painting

Jeremy Dickinson

Minibus Evolution, 2004
10 x 15.9 x 1 inch


Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Untitled (Trails), Painting

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet

Untitled (Trails), 2016
39.4 x 47.2 x 1.4 inch


Serge Poliakoff, Composition 39, Print

Serge Poliakoff

Composition 39, 1963
18.1 x 24.8 inch


Gilles Belley, Géométrie #1, Painting

Gilles Belley

Géométrie #1, 2017
25.2 x 18.1 x 0 inch


Our recommendations Sergio Mesa, RougeChrome, Print

Sergio Mesa

RougeChrome, 2015
23.2 x 16.5 inch


Angel Pascual Rodrigo, Zloela zirudien, Print

Angel Pascual Rodrigo

Zloela zirudien, 1990
29.9 x 11 inch


Odile Artéon, Roi Soleil, Drawing

Odile Artéon

Roi Soleil, 2015
51.2 x 39.4 x 0.4 inch


Our recommendations Barthélémy Toguo, Celebration of Love, Print

Barthélémy Toguo

Celebration of Love, 2014
29.5 x 41.3 inch


Our recommendations Guy Mansuy, Collage construit, Painting

Guy Mansuy

Collage construit, 2013
11.8 x 9.1 inch


Michael Serfaty, Chaleur, Photography

Michael Serfaty

Chaleur, 2013
35.4 x 23.6 inch


Ronaldo De Juan, Cuadrado naranja, Print

Ronaldo De Juan

Cuadrado naranja, 1983
27.4 x 21.1 inch


Toma Jankowski, Epok, Painting

Toma Jankowski

Epok, 2014
24.8 x 19.7 x 0.8 inch


Philippe Azema, Je suis hier, Painting

Philippe Azema

Je suis hier, 2015
47.2 x 40.2 x 0.4 inch


Janet Fish, Bag of Tangerines, Painting

Janet Fish

Bag of Tangerines, 2000
22 x 24 inch


Marc Boffin, Baril Hermès, Sculpture

Marc Boffin

Baril Hermès, 2019
35 x 22.8 x 22.8 inch


Sifat, Le chacal jaune au clair de lune, Painting


Le chacal jaune au clair de lune, 2016
28.7 x 23.6 x 0.8 inch


Bernard Pras, Inventaire 100 - Cat Carnaval, Photography

Bernard Pras

Inventaire 100 - Cat Carnaval, 2010
63 x 47.2 inch


Nicolas Dubreuille, Le rêveur, Sculpture

Nicolas Dubreuille

Le rêveur, 2014
70.9 x 35.4 x 47.2 inch


Feng Hatat, Ciel 16, Photography

Feng Hatat

Ciel 16, 2015
27.6 x 19.7 x 0.4 inch


Our recommendations Feng Hatat, Ciel 20, Photography

Feng Hatat

Ciel 20, 2016
15.7 x 23.6 x 0.8 inch


Âme Sauvage, Etre volant, Painting

Âme Sauvage

Etre volant, 2018
9.4 x 11.8 x 0.8 inch


Alice Achen, Escape, Painting

Alice Achen

Escape, 2016
39.4 x 19.7 x 1.2 inch


Rafiy Okefolahan, Kmkz Kpayo, Painting

Rafiy Okefolahan

Kmkz Kpayo, 2016
59.1 x 74.8 inch


Rafiy Okefolahan, Kmkz 2 Aido Wedo, Painting

Rafiy Okefolahan

Kmkz 2 Aido Wedo, 2016
39.4 x 39.4 inch


Alain Marquina, Raisin blanc - pluie, Photography

Alain Marquina

Raisin blanc - pluie, 2016
15.7 x 23.6 x 0.4 inch


Hélène Vallas, Tu m’avais dit, Photography

Hélène Vallas

Tu m’avais dit, 2015
19.7 x 19.7 x 0.4 inch


Charles Lafon, Chrono 1, Photography

Charles Lafon

Chrono 1, 2016
28.3 x 20.5 x 0.8 inch


Alain Marquina, Lies 4, Photography

Alain Marquina

Lies 4, 2016
23.6 x 15.7 x 0.4 inch


Tilman, Flat 68.12, Painting


Flat 68.12, 2012
16.5 x 13.4 x 1.6 inch

$2,447 $2,879

Antoine Guibert, Paris 1, Photography

Antoine Guibert

Paris 1, 2015
19.7 x 29.5 x 0.8 inch


Michel Rauscher, 60.60, Painting

Michel Rauscher

60.60, 2016
23.6 x 23.6 x 1.2 inch


Anna Prasolova, Marché aux fleurs #1, Painting

Anna Prasolova

Marché aux fleurs #1, 2016
39.4 x 39.4 x 1 inch


Guy Faidy, Pendant l'été, Painting

Guy Faidy

Pendant l'été, 2009
39.4 x 39.4 x 0.8 inch


Nicolas Silberfaden, Chevy, Photography

Nicolas Silberfaden

Chevy, 2015
19.7 x 15.7 x 2 inch


José Montebravo, Infanta con pajaritos, Painting

José Montebravo

Infanta con pajaritos, 2006
23.6 x 15.7 inch


Claude  Chauchet, Abstract Composition in Orange and Green II, Painting

Claude Chauchet

Abstract Composition in Orange and Green II, 2011
51.2 x 38.2 x 0.8 inch


Antonio Ballester Moreno, Lluvia, Print

Antonio Ballester Moreno

Lluvia, 2017
55.1 x 39.4 inch


Leticia Felgueroso, Trafalgar, Photography

Leticia Felgueroso

Trafalgar, 2013
39.4 x 39.4 inch


Anatoly Rudakov, Sunflowers behind the railroad, Photography

Anatoly Rudakov

Sunflowers behind the railroad, 2012
21.7 x 33.5 inch


Aurore de Sousa, Portrait avec jardin n°2, Photography

Aurore de Sousa

Portrait avec jardin n°2, 2010
23.6 x 33.5 x 1.2 inch


Âme Sauvage, Harmonie, Painting

Âme Sauvage

Harmonie, 2019
7.9 x 11.8 x 0.8 inch

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