Street Culture Animals

Street culture is a culture or style that has roots in an urban community rather than traditional institutions. Despite initial rejection from the traditional art market, street art in the 21st century has gained immense popularity in the art world and beyond. From murals to graffiti to sculpture, the world of street culture and art is diverse and evolving. 

Artsper has curated a selection of street culture artists who take inspiration from the animal kingdom. A popular subject throughout art history, animals can be found in art from prehistoric cave paintings to the godlike animals of the Romantic period. They are often used as symbols to represent concepts and ideas, or to emphasize our duty to protect the natural and animal world.

Situating themselves within a rich history of animal-inspired art, street culture artists are depicting animals in innovative and creative ways. At Artsper, we have curated a selection of artists demonstrating the diversity of this genre. From the colorful gorillas of Richard Orlinski to the grinning cats of M.Chat, come with us as we dive into the world of street culture animals!

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