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Urban Landscape Artworks

London, Paris, TokyoNew York. Between the bright lights and bustling streets, the buzzing life of a city is truly incomparable. For centuries, artists have been capturing this energy in their cityscape art as a result, from abstract interpretations of cityscapes, to hyperrealistic paintings or a striking black and white photography that depicts everyday urban life. 

Regardless of where you call home, travelling to the big city has never been easier than with Artsper. Ready to five into our selection of cityscape artwork?

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Jean-Philippe Berger, Lunch time, Painting

Jean-Philippe Berger

Lunch time, 2022
25.6 x 21.3 x 0.4 inch


Lucio Forte, Park Avenue, Painting

Lucio Forte

Park Avenue, 2021
11.8 x 15.7 x 0 inch


Our recommendations Benoit Havard, Paris après la pluie, Painting

Benoit Havard

Paris après la pluie, 2018
31.5 x 31.5 x 0.8 inch


Demiak, Escapism VII, Painting


Escapism VII, 2017
7.1 x 7.9 inch


Sofiya Akimova, At night, Painting

Sofiya Akimova

At night, 2020
31.5 x 31.5 inch

$2,310 $1,386

Raluca Vulcan, Pont Alexandre III Automnal, Painting

Raluca Vulcan

Pont Alexandre III Automnal, 2021
18.1 x 21.7 x 0.8 inch


Alexandr Klemens, Good Morning Prague I, Painting

Alexandr Klemens

Good Morning Prague I, 2021
15.7 x 11.8 x 0.8 inch


Kathleen Keifer, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Painting

Kathleen Keifer

The Beverly Hills Hotel, 2021
20 x 16 inch


Pierre Riollet, Up Town Motel, Painting

Pierre Riollet

Up Town Motel, 2018
25.6 x 31.8 x 1.2 inch


Solveiga, Spirit of New York, Painting


Spirit of New York, 2021
31.5 x 31.5 x 0.8 inch


Our recommendations Yves Brayer, L'Escorial, Painting

Yves Brayer

L'Escorial, 1959
11 x 8.3 inch


Kerdalo, Marché rue Mouffetard, Painting


Marché rue Mouffetard, 2019
28.7 x 23.6 x 0.8 inch


Our recommendations Mark Spain, Harrods, Painting

Mark Spain

Harrods, 2020
23.6 x 23.6 x 0.4 inch


Our recommendations Oswin Gesselli, WE LOVE THE EARTH  - Series Hidden Treasures, Painting

Oswin Gesselli

WE LOVE THE EARTH - Series Hidden Treasures, 2020
31.5 x 70.9 x 1.6 inch


Our recommendations Serge Salis, Je plane comme un drone et jouie à la vue de ce spectacle, Painting

Serge Salis

Je plane comme un drone et jouie à la vue de ce spectacle, 2020
35.4 x 35.4 x 0.8 inch


Rose Passalboni, Brume rousse, Painting

Rose Passalboni

Brume rousse, 2022
31.5 x 31.5 inch


Our recommendations Eric Turlot, Blue Moon, Painting

Eric Turlot

Blue Moon, 2020
24 x 19.7 x 0.7 inch


Hyun Ah KIM, Sweet night, Painting

Hyun Ah KIM

Sweet night, 2021
20.9 x 17.9 inch


Leslie Berthet Laval, N°25 Industrial view, Painting

Leslie Berthet Laval

N°25 Industrial view, 2019
19.7 x 19.7 inch


Our recommendations Rudyard Heaton, City Limits, Painting

Rudyard Heaton

City Limits, 2017
47.2 x 47.2 x 1 inch


Our recommendations Daniel Castan, Yellow Cab, Painting

Daniel Castan

Yellow Cab, 2021
47.2 x 47.2 x 1.2 inch


Fabienne Delacroix, Le Coeur De Paris (Place Furstenberg), Painting

Fabienne Delacroix

Le Coeur De Paris (Place Furstenberg), 2022
18 x 15 inch


Justine de Meerschman, Au P'tit Bourg, Painting

Justine de Meerschman

Au P'tit Bourg, 2021
28.7 x 19.7 inch


Our recommendations Richard Dubure, L'ouverture, Painting

Richard Dubure

L'ouverture, 2015
21.3 x 25.6 x 1.2 inch


Our recommendations CharlElie Couture, 3rd Street East, Painting

CharlElie Couture

3rd Street East, 2019
14.1 x 11 x 0.2 inch


Our recommendations Wilfred Lang, NY 23, Painting

Wilfred Lang

NY 23, 2017
41.3 x 41.3 x 0.8 inch


Our recommendations Richard Berger, Port de Saint Tropez, Painting

Richard Berger

Port de Saint Tropez, 1956
18.9 x 23.6 x 0.4 inch


Our recommendations George Campbell, NewYork, Painting

George Campbell

NewYork, 1940
16.5 x 37.4 x 0.8 inch


Our recommendations Alejandro Quincoces, Anochecer en Zorrozaurre, Painting

Alejandro Quincoces

Anochecer en Zorrozaurre, 2017
33.5 x 33.5 x 1.6 inch


Our recommendations André René César Brechet, Sacré Coeur de Montmartre, Paris, Painting

André René César Brechet

Sacré Coeur de Montmartre, Paris, 1976
21.3 x 29.1 x 0.8 inch


Lionel le Jeune, Les Affiches B, Painting

Lionel le Jeune

Les Affiches B, 2009
28.7 x 32.3 x 0.8 inch


Rob Buntin, Sunset over the Arno, Painting

Rob Buntin

Sunset over the Arno, 2020
19.7 x 27.6 x 1.6 inch


Our recommendations Fred Boutet, City A, Painting

Fred Boutet

City A, 2019
47.2 x 47.2 x 1 inch


Our recommendations Etienne Quesnay, Our Tokyo, Painting

Etienne Quesnay

Our Tokyo, 2021
39.4 x 39.4 inch


Our recommendations Kateryna Lemesheva, Night lights, Painting

Kateryna Lemesheva

Night lights, 2021
35.4 x 43.3 inch


Our recommendations Adrien Faveau, Monochrome 6th avenue, Painting

Adrien Faveau

Monochrome 6th avenue, 2019
47.2 x 47.2 x 0.8 inch


Our recommendations Noël Granger, New York à pied ou en Taxi, Painting

Noël Granger

New York à pied ou en Taxi, 2018
31.5 x 31.5 x 2 inch


Marie France Garrigues, Une histoire de toits 1, Painting

Marie France Garrigues

Une histoire de toits 1, 2021
21.7 x 18.1 x 0.8 inch


Our recommendations Claire Smith, Night Bridge II, Painting

Claire Smith

Night Bridge II, 2020
29.9 x 29.9 x 1.2 inch


Simon Pradinas, Le Père Lachaise, Painting

Simon Pradinas

Le Père Lachaise, 2016
28.7 x 21.3 x 1.2 inch


Our recommendations Pierre Wuillaume, Passante, Painting

Pierre Wuillaume

Passante, 2018
23.6 x 11.8 x 1.6 inch


Didier Gomez, Riot Girl, Painting

Didier Gomez

Riot Girl, 2021
25.6 x 21.3 x 1.2 inch


Our recommendations Kaliya Ka, Hollow II, Painting

Kaliya Ka

Hollow II, 2014
43.3 x 51.2 x 1.2 inch


David Walker, Crossing, Painting

David Walker

Crossing, 2017
10.8 x 28.1 inch


Patrick Rousseau, Paris à l'encre bleu, Painting

Patrick Rousseau

Paris à l'encre bleu, 2021
28.7 x 36.2 x 0.8 inch


Our recommendations Philippe Cognée, Gola 2, Painting

Philippe Cognée

Gola 2, 2014
25.6 x 36.2 x 2 inch


Our recommendations Georges Chappuis, Balade dans le Vieux Annecy, Painting

Georges Chappuis

Balade dans le Vieux Annecy, 1962
15.4 x 18.5 x 0.1 inch


Alex Bertaina, I Silenzi del Canale (Venice), Painting

Alex Bertaina

I Silenzi del Canale (Venice), 2020
19.7 x 19.7 x 0.8 inch


Our recommendations Valerie Le Meur, Spring in Notting Hill, Painting

Valerie Le Meur

Spring in Notting Hill, 2021
19.7 x 39.4 x 0.8 inch


Angie Brooksby, Times Square Promises, Painting

Angie Brooksby

Times Square Promises, 2011
23.6 x 47.2 x 1.2 inch


Eduardo Romaguera, Limites de la ville n°31, Painting

Eduardo Romaguera

Limites de la ville n°31, 2014
39.4 x 39.4 x 0.8 inch


Paco Raphael, Use Me, Painting

Paco Raphael

Use Me, 2017
13.8 x 13.8 x 1.6 inch


Our recommendations Benoit Tessier, Metissage Urbain Aubervilliers, Painting

Benoit Tessier

Metissage Urbain Aubervilliers, 2015
31.5 x 39.4 x 0.8 inch

$1,155 $1,040

Mike Hall, View Across the River Argenton, Painting

Mike Hall

View Across the River Argenton, 2018
14.2 x 11.8 x 0.4 inch


Maria Luisa Azzini, TV World London, Painting

Maria Luisa Azzini

TV World London, 2021
27.6 x 27.6 x 0.8 inch


Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk, Murano canals, Painting

Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk

Murano canals, 1993
29.5 x 20.5 inch


Our recommendations François Foucras, Le village du bout du monde, Painting

François Foucras

Le village du bout du monde, 2020
19.7 x 19.7 x 1.6 inch

$936 $842

Our recommendations Veronika Benoni, New York City, Painting

Veronika Benoni

New York City, 2020
36 x 23 x 1 inch


Muriel Averos, Après le Théâtre, Painting

Muriel Averos

Après le Théâtre, 2020
25.6 x 21.3 inch


Marianne Dencausse Robbe, Régate, Painting

Marianne Dencausse Robbe

Régate, 2019
28.7 x 36.2 inch


Our recommendations Hiro Ando, Tokyo night 5, Painting

Hiro Ando

Tokyo night 5, 2009
51.2 x 63.8 inch


Sven Pfrommer, URBN City Mixed Media IX, Painting

Sven Pfrommer

URBN City Mixed Media IX, 2020
15.7 x 15.7 x 0.8 inch


Piotr Fafrowicz, The biggest house in town, Painting

Piotr Fafrowicz

The biggest house in town, 2016
12.6 x 15.7 inch


Georges Djakeli, Balade au bord du lac, Painting

Georges Djakeli

Balade au bord du lac, 1942
10.6 x 14 x 0.8 inch


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