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Large format artworks

Large format artworks have existed for centuries and were traditionally completed in the form of statues or frescoes. The 1x1 metre format originally applied to painting, however works in the 17th century systematically exceeded these dimensions. This can be seen in the Rubens' and Velasquez's canvases, where they paint life-size figures. It's evident that in recent years large format artworks have taken on a whole new meaning, where works are becoming monumental and even colossal in size. Installations and sculptures are now measuring tens of metres high, practically becoming architectural structures, which can be seen in works like Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate.

Fortunately not all large format artworks are the size of an elephant, but they do allow a huge decorative and artistic advantage. Not only is it an easy way to finish off a room or furnish a space, but it's also an excellent solution for completely restyling your home. If it's truly love at first sight, the piece will totally transform your space into a reflection of your personality. When it comes to photography, the impact of a large format print is multiplied, and gives your room an exhibition-like quality.

XXL artworks allow the artist more imaginative freedom since the surface of the canvas is larger. However, the creation of a large format artwork requires a precise technique and a mastering of the medium used. More and more contemporary artists are working with large formats, and the sensitivity in creating such a work is not the same when working with a 30x30cm canvas. Additionally, an increasing number of exhibitions are specialising in large format artworks. Monumenta at the Grand Palais is an event that occurs every two years, where an artist is invited to create a work specially for the enormous space offered by the Nave.

Photography, painting or sculpture; these artists and their enormous formats will forever influence the history of contemporary art. This preference for large scale artwork can be seen in a long list of artists including, the canadian photographer Jeff Wall, Anglo-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor and Sino-French painter Yan Pei Ming.  These three artists have certainly left a huge mark on the contemporary art market.

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Our recommendations Blek Le Rat, David, Painting

Blek Le Rat

David, 2006
100 x 58.7 x 2 inch


Joanna Woyda, The Beach. Boy with buckets, Painting

Joanna Woyda

The Beach. Boy with buckets, 2015
78.7 x 39.4 x 0.4 inch


Zebu, Person on horse, with mushrooms, Painting


Person on horse, with mushrooms, 2018
74.8 x 47.2 x 1.6 inch


Graham Wilson, Leftovers, Painting

Graham Wilson

Leftovers, 2016
72.4 x 60 x 1.4 inch


Our recommendations Valerio Adami, Pandora, Painting

Valerio Adami

Pandora, 1999
38.2 x 51.2 x 1 inch


Our recommendations Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Sans titre (Perce-Neige), Painting

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet

Sans titre (Perce-Neige), 2017
63 x 56.7 x 1.4 inch


Julien Durix, Guilty Of Fun, Painting

Julien Durix

Guilty Of Fun, 2017
59.1 x 47.2 x 1.2 inch


Our recommendations Pius Fox, Schattenspiegelung, Painting

Pius Fox

Schattenspiegelung, 2013
51.2 x 39.4 inch


Fenx, Flora à l'Estaque, Painting


Flora à l'Estaque, 2014
76.8 x 51.2 x 2 inch


Our recommendations Zhengyong Liu, Nelson Mandela, Painting

Zhengyong Liu

Nelson Mandela, 2015
94.5 x 86.6 x 2 inch


Our recommendations Gérard Escougnou, Cyclope 3, Painting

Gérard Escougnou

Cyclope 3, 2015
59.1 x 45.3 inch


Our recommendations Tung-Wen Margue, Stoneforest in Red, Painting

Tung-Wen Margue

Stoneforest in Red, 2014
70.9 x 70.9 x 1.2 inch


Olivier Vincent, Free Gamètes, Painting

Olivier Vincent

Free Gamètes, 2017
55.1 x 78.7 x 1.6 inch


Mr Bonheur, Boobagump, Painting

Mr Bonheur

Boobagump, 2016
51.2 x 78.7 x 0.8 inch


Our recommendations Costa Dvorezky, Captive III, Painting

Costa Dvorezky

Captive III, 2014
67.7 x 60.6 x 1.6 inch


Emmanuelle Vroelant, Entre deux mondes, Drawing

Emmanuelle Vroelant

Entre deux mondes, 2015
39.4 x 82.7 x 2 inch


Antoine Thos, Honey, Sculpture

Antoine Thos

Honey, 2017
45.3 x 59.1 x 2.4 inch


Mahmoud Zenderoudi, Lapis Lazuli, Painting

Mahmoud Zenderoudi

Lapis Lazuli, 2018
70.9 x 86.6 x 2.4 inch


Tyler Shields, Prada Popcorn, Photography

Tyler Shields

Prada Popcorn, 2014
40 x 60 inch


Our recommendations Liu Xin Tao, Chambre #2, Painting

Liu Xin Tao

Chambre #2, 2013
59.1 x 59.1 x 1.2 inch


Gao Brothers, High place 5, Photography

Gao Brothers

High place 5, 2004
94.5 x 23.6 x 1.2 inch


Rorro Berjano, Mater Dolorosa, Sculpture

Rorro Berjano

Mater Dolorosa, 2016
70.9 x 59.1 x 27.6 inch


Jules Martel, Pink Ladie, Painting

Jules Martel

Pink Ladie, 2016
82.7 x 55.1 x 1.2 inch


Ernest Trova, Study/Falling Man (Double Flapman)	, Sculpture

Ernest Trova

Study/Falling Man (Double Flapman) , 1983
82 x 34 x 30 inch


Lee Zhu, N22E32, Painting

Lee Zhu

N22E32, 2014
76.8 x 44.9 x 1.2 inch


Damien Gard, Memories IV, Photography

Damien Gard

Memories IV, 2016
63 x 43.3 x 2 inch


Erik Sep, Ode to vacancy, Sculpture

Erik Sep

Ode to vacancy, 2014
55.1 x 38.2 x 9.4 inch


Christine Faict, Sculpture en fer, Sculpture

Christine Faict

Sculpture en fer, 2015
66.5 x 51.2 x 17.7 inch


JonOne, This one Flipped, Painting


This one Flipped, 2004
44.1 x 70.9 x 1.2 inch


Our recommendations Victor Vasarely, Operenccia, Painting

Victor Vasarely

Operenccia, 1986
40 x 66 x 1 inch


Christophe Charbonnel, Esclave II, Sculpture

Christophe Charbonnel

Esclave II, 2002
38 x 54 x 24 inch


Olivier Messas, Voilier à l'horizon, Painting

Olivier Messas

Voilier à l'horizon, 2017
59.1 x 59.1 x 0.8 inch


Robert Combas, Le repas sur nappé kraft nappé en kraft, le papier dégueulé, à cette heure, y'en n'a qui ont la tête pâle à tituber bêta. Un repas de mâles alcollétrés, Painting

Robert Combas

Le repas sur nappé kraft nappé en kraft, le papier dégueulé, à cette heure, y'en n'a qui ont la tête pâle à tituber bêta. Un repas de mâles alcollétrés, 2012
101.2 x 57.9 x 1.6 inch


Our recommendations Philippe Huart, Cobalt Vertige, Painting

Philippe Huart

Cobalt Vertige, 2013
47.2 x 47.2 x 0.8 inch


Nicolas Dubreuille, Le rêveur, Sculpture

Nicolas Dubreuille

Le rêveur, 2014
70.9 x 35.4 x 47.2 inch


Fred Creusot, Amours bêtes, Painting

Fred Creusot

Amours bêtes, 2017
55.1 x 24.4 x 1.2 inch


Mpcem, Flegme, Sculpture


Flegme, 2014
90.6 x 19.7 x 19.7 inch


Stani, Black magic woman, Painting


Black magic woman, 2016
51.2 x 38.2 x 0.8 inch


Tic, Delta Leonis, Painting


Delta Leonis, 2018
63 x 49.2 x 0 inch


Our recommendations Paradox Créations, Shadowy stabile estampillé PX446, Sculpture

Paradox Créations

Shadowy stabile estampillé PX446, 2014
19.7 x 27.6 x 31.5 inch


Jane Grieco, Ibarantâ, Painting

Jane Grieco

Ibarantâ, 2015
39.4 x 82.7 inch


Piotr Butkiewicz, Lately forever, Painting

Piotr Butkiewicz

Lately forever, 2018
59.1 x 35.4 inch


Arzhel Prioul (Mardi Noir), Flanc Ouest, Flanc Est, Painting

Arzhel Prioul (Mardi Noir)

Flanc Ouest, Flanc Est, 2018
39.4 x 78.7 x 0.6 inch


Bernhard Lang, African_Mines_001, Photography

Bernhard Lang

African_Mines_001, 2016
78.7 x 63 x 2 inch


Our recommendations Alex Katz, Maine Cow, Sculpture

Alex Katz

Maine Cow, 2007
49 x 72.5 x 10.25 inch


Peter Henri Stein, J'ai fessé quelques culs, oui, j'en conviens..., Photography

Peter Henri Stein

J'ai fessé quelques culs, oui, j'en conviens..., 2016
59.4 x 38.6 x 2 inch


Our recommendations Marie-Anne et Thierry Camail, Jeune fille Maasai face, Photography

Marie-Anne et Thierry Camail

Jeune fille Maasai face, 2010
48.8 x 32.7 x 0.4 inch


Mira Agdal, Sans titre, Painting

Mira Agdal

Sans titre, 2018
63 x 63 x 1.2 inch


Bastien Cuenot, Grand corps malade, Sculpture

Bastien Cuenot

Grand corps malade, 2013
74.8 x 78.7 x 78.7 inch


Our recommendations Alain Cornu, Sur Paris #1, Photography

Alain Cornu

Sur Paris #1, 2010
47.2 x 37.8 inch


Charles Xelot, Tronc 4, Photography

Charles Xelot

Tronc 4, 2015
47.2 x 63 x 1.2 inch


Brian Caddy, Experimentation #8, Painting

Brian Caddy

Experimentation #8, 2018
76.8 x 51.2 x 0.8 inch


Mr Bonheur, Pharell McFly, Painting

Mr Bonheur

Pharell McFly, 2017
44.9 x 63.8 x 0.8 inch


Tyler Shields, No. 5 Chanel Champagne, Photography

Tyler Shields

No. 5 Chanel Champagne, 2016
40 x 40 inch


Our recommendations Stéphane Ducret, Taking it all the right way, Painting

Stéphane Ducret

Taking it all the right way, 2016
81.9 x 74 x 1.6 inch


Thierry Herr, Sous la pluie, Painting

Thierry Herr

Sous la pluie, 2015
59.1 x 47.2 x 0.8 inch


Agnès Thurnauer, Not yet, Sculpture

Agnès Thurnauer

Not yet, 2012
39.4 x 59.1 x 0.8 inch


Dominique Larrivaz, Grande fille tatouée, Painting

Dominique Larrivaz

Grande fille tatouée, 2015
118.1 x 31.5 inch


Zak van Biljon, Sproat Lake, Photography

Zak van Biljon

Sproat Lake, 2016
39.4 x 78.7 x 1.2 inch


Remi Delaplace, Gestalt, habiter l'espace, Painting

Remi Delaplace

Gestalt, habiter l'espace, 2019
63.8 x 51.2 x 1.2 inch


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