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Printmaking is an artistic technique in which several images are made from an original or from a specially prepared surface. Prints are the images that are produced by this process. Prints are a type of edition which refers to a work created from a master version, sculptures, for example, sculptures can also come in editions. Prints are original works although they are not necessarily always signed by the artist. They are created with the help of an industrial or mechanised process. There are numerous types of prints, such as lithography, serigraphy or screen printing, engraving...The print's number out of the total is always detailed on the work as '15/100' for example, in order to indicate the work's uniqueness. The work's exclusivity and value varies depending on the number of editions and whether it has been signed by the artist or not. Producing limited editions means that artworks made by renown artists in modern and contemporary art are made more accessible to a larger audience, without taking away from the quality and rarity of the piece. Certificate of authenticities are important when it comes to editions and prints as this helps to prevent fraudulent copies.

It is important to remember that the editions produced today in the art world were only made possible thanks to the key technological progress that was made in the printing industry throughout history. These advances became more accessible by the 19th century, and in particular thanks to the lithographs produced during the Art Nouveau period following the 1900 International Exhibition in Paris. This process, which first appeared in Germany in the 18th century, has various different uses including press illustrations (thanks to its rapid production rate) and art reproduction. Lithography is a chemical process which is based on the immiscibility of water and a fat-based substance. The subject is drawn onto a stone with ink, and once it has been moistened and covered with a greasy ink. As the initial ink is hydrophobic it only clings to the drawing and is repelled by the wet areas. Paper is applied to the stone and then a printing press is used to transfer the drawing onto its surface. Over time the technique has evolved and been perfected.

Certain artists, such as Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, use this technique to create several copies of an original artwork. Others use it to reproduce older works. In the 20th century, some of the great masters including Picasso and Miro worked with lithography to create numerous posters which they often used for their own exhibitions.

Alongside lithography, there is also silk screening. Invented in China during the Song dynasty (962-1279), it didn't reach the United States until the 19th century and it was introduced to Europe after the Second World War. In 1920s Berlin, Kodloff and Biegeleisen were the first to test it by printing on paper and named the process “Siedbruck". From 1938 onwards, prints took over serigraphy thanks to the work of Guy MacCoy but its popularity truly started to soar with the pioneers of Pop Art, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.In France, the silk screen posters made by the students taking part in the May 68 protests gave this art technique an almost legendary status.

Digital technology now has a role to play in all of these processes and digital printing currently makes up a key part of the art market. It allows for the creation of high-quality images in a short period of time and this has multiplied the creative possibilities for artists. There are also of course, several other older techniques which are still used today including etching, engraving, woodblock carving and drypoint.

In this category you will find figurative and abstract artworks, portraits as well as landscapes, Pop Art and Minimalism, made by young and renowned artists alike. Artsper's collection includes works from famous artists such as Damien Hirst, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Miss Tic, and Sol LeWitt. Don't forget to take a look at the work of some of our lesser known artists who are just as talented as their more well-established counterparts, including Nathan Chantob and Rero...

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Okuda, Jumping to another dimension, Print


Jumping to another dimension, 2019
27.6 x 19.7 x 0.4 inch


Beau Stanton, A Precarious Voyage, Print

Beau Stanton

A Precarious Voyage, 2012
17 x 24 inch


Lida Pshenichka, Madonna, Print

Lida Pshenichka

Madonna, 2021
43.3 x 34.6 inch

$443 $492

Hervé Di Rosa, En traversant le pont, Print

Hervé Di Rosa

En traversant le pont, 2014
22 x 29.9 x 0.1 inch


Nicolas Barrome Forgues, Mostera, Print

Nicolas Barrome Forgues

Mostera, 2020
15.7 x 11.8 inch


Enki Bilal, Bug N°1 - Réhaut original . technique mixte par l'artiste Enki Bilal, Print

Enki Bilal

Bug N°1 - Réhaut original . technique mixte par l'artiste Enki Bilal, 2017
23.6 x 19.7 x 0.8 inch


Boris Pramatarov, Quantum girl and square space man, Print

Boris Pramatarov

Quantum girl and square space man, 2021
39.4 x 27.6 inch


Antonio Saura, Melanchton I, Print

Antonio Saura

Melanchton I, 1996
25.6 x 19.7 inch


Allison M. Low, Journey to Paradise, Print

Allison M. Low

Journey to Paradise, 2020
16.5 x 16.5 x 0.4 inch


Gérard Garouste, Anagramme, Print

Gérard Garouste

Anagramme, 2020
47.2 x 31.5 inch


Our recommendations Chiho Aoshima, Hot Spring, Print

Chiho Aoshima

Hot Spring, 2005
26.8 x 26.8 inch


André Cervera, Bacchus Angel, Print

André Cervera

Bacchus Angel, 2019
26 x 19.7 inch


Bernard Louédin, Gémeaux, Print

Bernard Louédin

Gémeaux, 1999
11 x 7.9 x 0 inch


Yaya Herman Dune, Dalävlen, Print

Yaya Herman Dune

Dalävlen, 2010
22.4 x 28 x 0.4 inch


Thomas Ott, Der Kaiser, Print

Thomas Ott

Der Kaiser, 2018
16.1 x 13.8 inch


Enrico Baj, Dame fleur, Print

Enrico Baj

Dame fleur, 1977
26.2 x 20.9 x 0.1 inch


Yuki Onodera, Annular Eclipse_Cock, Print

Yuki Onodera

Annular Eclipse_Cock, 2007
91.7 x 59.8 x 0 inch


René Magritte, Le Plagiat, Print

René Magritte

Le Plagiat, 2010
11.8 x 17.7 x 0.1 inch


Stan Manoukian, ARDUINNA, Print

Stan Manoukian

27.6 x 19.7 inch


Gilles Barbier, Banana Head, Print

Gilles Barbier

Banana Head, 2018
29.5 x 41.3 inch


Marie Labat, Myosotis et Cardamine, Print

Marie Labat

Myosotis et Cardamine, 2018
56.7 x 35.4 x 0.1 inch


Stéphane Pencréac’h, Le Rivage II, Print

Stéphane Pencréac’h

Le Rivage II, 2015
27.6 x 22.8 inch


Thaddée, Bonne mère, Print


Bonne mère, 2018
27 x 23.6 inch


Daisuke Ichiba, Badaism, Print

Daisuke Ichiba

Badaism, 2014
27.6 x 19.7 x 0.1 inch


Bellus, Top 50, Print


Top 50, 2020
27.6 x 19.7 inch


Oscar Llorens, Sans titre, Print

Oscar Llorens

Sans titre, 2014
39.4 x 27.6 inch


Benoît Tardif, Sans titre, Print

Benoît Tardif

Sans titre, 2014
39.4 x 27.6 x 0.1 inch


Our recommendations Dran, House of cards, Print


House of cards, 2015
14.76 x 10.83 inch


Camille Chevrillon, Collection au crayon, Print

Camille Chevrillon

Collection au crayon, 2015
15.7 x 11.8 x 0.8 inch


Carole Chaix, La grande parade, Print

Carole Chaix

La grande parade, 2018
23.6 x 19.7 inch


Giorgio de Chirico, Trovatore tra le nubi, Print

Giorgio de Chirico

Trovatore tra le nubi, 1973
16.5 x 12.2 x 0 inch


Jean Cocteau, Petit profil d'Orphée aux arabesques sur fond noir, Print

Jean Cocteau

Petit profil d'Orphée aux arabesques sur fond noir, 1986
9.1 x 7.1 inch


Tekmass, Candy, Print


Candy, 2020
15.7 x 11.7 inch


Jean-Marie Gitard (Mr Strange), Apple, Print

Jean-Marie Gitard (Mr Strange)

Apple, 2019
19.3 x 27.6 x 0 inch

$172 $246

Jean-Michel Folon, Dream, Print

Jean-Michel Folon

Dream, 1970
11 x 14 x 0.1 inch


Juan Ripolles, Musician at night, Print

Juan Ripolles

Musician at night, 2018
29.5 x 21.7 inch


Mark Kostabi, Just Like I Promised, Print

Mark Kostabi

Just Like I Promised, 2019
24.8 x 23.8 inch


Joan Ponç, Sans titre 2, Print

Joan Ponç

Sans titre 2, 1973
28.7 x 17.7 inch


George Condo, More sketches of Spain-For Miles Davis 4, Print

George Condo

More sketches of Spain-For Miles Davis 4, 1991
27.2 x 30.3 x 0 inch


Os Gemeos Otavio et Gustavo Pandolfo, Close Encounters, Print

Os Gemeos Otavio et Gustavo Pandolfo

Close Encounters, 2016
38 x 28.5 inch


Duilio Forte, ArkiZoic Ark 1, Print

Duilio Forte

ArkiZoic Ark 1, 2019
3.1 x 5.5 x 0 inch


Yandy Graffer, La création de l'arc en ciel, Print

Yandy Graffer

La création de l'arc en ciel, 2020
16.5 x 10.2 x 0 inch


Apostolos Chantzaras, Golden hero, Print

Apostolos Chantzaras

Golden hero, 2018
51.2 x 39.4 x 2 inch

Sold out

Lionel Morateur, Les corbeaux volent sur le dos, Print

Lionel Morateur

Les corbeaux volent sur le dos, 2019
19.7 x 27.6 x 0 inch

$258 $345

Monika Rossa, A couch, Print

Monika Rossa

A couch, 2010
21.9 x 28 inch


Joanna Wiszniewska Domanska, He and a rose, Print

Joanna Wiszniewska Domanska

He and a rose, 2014
10.2 x 13.4 inch


Evelyne Mary, La Création Dans La Destruction, Print

Evelyne Mary

La Création Dans La Destruction, 2020
19.7 x 15.7 inch


M. C. Escher, Mosaic II, Print

M. C. Escher

Mosaic II, 1957
12.6 x 14.4 x 0 inch

Sold out

Sandra Poirotte, Les Invités, Print

Sandra Poirotte

Les Invités, 2018
19.7 x 14.4 inch


Steven Harrington, Magic Hour, Print

Steven Harrington

Magic Hour, 2020
31 x 24 inch


Henry Maurice, Untitled, Print

Henry Maurice

Untitled, 1973
19.7 x 27.6 x 0.1 inch


Lottas, Cuaressman (ex. 2/25), Print


Cuaressman (ex. 2/25), 2014
23.6 x 15.7 inch


José Hernandez, Espectro del miedo, Print

José Hernandez

Espectro del miedo, 1975
29.9 x 22 x 0 inch


Depose, Mr K7, Print


Mr K7, 2019
8.5 x 11.8 inch


Robert Bennett, Talking Machines #4, Print

Robert Bennett

Talking Machines #4, 1979
22 x 30 inch


Andrzej Mazur, Connected, Print

Andrzej Mazur

Connected, 2009
12.8 x 15.4 inch


Pixelpancho, Horse, Print


Horse, 2016
21 x 33 inch


Daniele Dimitri, Végétation, Print

Daniele Dimitri

Végétation, 1980
13 x 9.4 x 0 inch


Jean-Paul Cleren, Main heureuse, Print

Jean-Paul Cleren

Main heureuse, 1979
25.6 x 18.9 inch


Jean François Bottollier, Ballet des petits poussins dans leur coquille, Print

Jean François Bottollier

Ballet des petits poussins dans leur coquille, 2020
19.3 x 19.3 x 0 inch

$153 $234

Jules Perahim, Alphabet 21, Print

Jules Perahim

Alphabet 21, 1974
22 x 15 x 0.4 inch


Pepe Yagües, Es-grima, Print

Pepe Yagües

Es-grima, 2018
26.4 x 18.5 inch


Eduardo Paolozzi, Lots of Pictures, Lots of Fun, Print

Eduardo Paolozzi

Lots of Pictures, Lots of Fun, 1971
30 x 22 inch


Krystyna Jaszke, Black Angel, Print

Krystyna Jaszke

Black Angel, 2013
7.9 x 4.1 inch


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