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archival pigment print

Omnipresent and seemingly so natural in the smartphone era, the history of photography remains a relatively recent occurrence in comparison with the history of mankind.

Although it has been said that the technique's early stages began at the start of the 19th century, we owe its invention to Louis Daguerre in 1839. An associate of Niepce, he improved darkroom exposure time and modified the chemical elements necessary for the development of photographs. The daguerreotype was revealed to the general public on 7th January 1839 during a meeting at the French Academy of Sciences. Worldwide success was quick to follow.

Photo studios opened everywhere and the richest and most influential families at the time had their portrait taken in black and white.

Over time, the process took less and less time and the material needed less and less space. Tripods were eventually no longer necessary. In 1889, Eastman Kodak launched a portable camera with a film roll and photography took a completely new form.

Artists seized this new opportunity and art photography quickly started to develop.

The 20th century is characterised by the work of some of the most important photographers: Walker Evans, Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Mapplethorpe, Raymond Depardon and of course Robert Doisneau. They succeeded incompletely transforming our vision of the world. They marked the end of one world and opened the way for another in which we could determine the contours and colours in of the world in our own unique ways. They showed us social realities and tragedies but they also immortalised the magic of Hollywood and the iconic men and women of their time.

Their successors followed in their footsteps, inspired by their unique framing and composition techniques. The creative possibilities of photography were yet again multiplied by the latest digital developments. Certain photographers maintained their steadfast love for the silver Leica cameras but many swapped them for sharper focus of reflex cameras and decided to play around in post-production to modify the photo's characteristics and final image.

Artsper's selection is representative of international photography from the 1950s to the current day. Made up of thousands of works, it covers a whole host of artistic processes, from reporting, fashion photography, contemporary documentary work, black and white photography to works which blur the lines between photography and other visual arts as well as iconic photographies and sport photographies.

Two principles can be used to guide you when choosing a work of art photography: you can choose to prioritise the diversity of artistic approaches, or to create ensembles, by buying entire series enabling you to acquire coherent monographic collections.

Whether with portraits, romantic landscapes, urban imagery, daily life or reporting events, photography ensures the faithful representation of oneself or of those around us. Amongst many others, you will find the following names in our selection of famous photographers: Liu Bolin, Li Wei, the French photographer Claude Levèque, fashion photographies by Helmut Newton, Larry Clark's polaroid, Ralph Gibson and in the Emerging artists category: Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil. You will also find the small format photographies andlarge format photographies.

Collector’s Guide: Collecting Fine Art Photographs

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price,500 facet,10503*Artworks by best-selling artists|icon-bestsellers*bestsellers facet,10503*Oeuvres d’artistes best sellers|icon-bestsellers*bestsellers facet,10503*Werke von Bestseller-Künstlern|icon-bestsellers*werke-von-kunstlern-bestseller facet,10503*Obras de los artistas más vendidos|icon-bestsellers*obras-de-los-artistas-mas-vendidos category,6*Peinture*peinture category,6*Painting*painting category,6*Gemälde*gemalde category,6*Pintura*pintura price,501:1000 facet,10500*Oeuvres d'artistes émergents|icon-youngtalents*jeunes-talents facet,10500*Werke von aufstrebenden Künstlern|icon-youngtalents*werke-von-jungen-kunstlern facet,10500*Young Talents|icon-youngtalents*youngtalents facet,10500*Obras de artistas emergentes|icon-youngtalents*obras-de-artistas-emergentes facet,10500*Werke aufstrebender Künstler|icon-youngtalents*werke-von-jungen-kunstlern facet,8277*Grand (\u003c 200 x 200 cm)*grand facet,8277*Grand (\u003c 80 x 80 inch)*grand facet,8277*Grand (\u003c 200 x 200 cm)|large*grand facet,8277*Grand (\u003c 80 x 80 inch)|large*grand facet,8274*Moyen (\u003c 115 x 115 cm)*moyen facet,8274*Moyen (\u003c 45 x 45 inch)*moyen facet,8274*Moyen (\u003c 115 x 115 cm)|medium*moyen facet,8274*Moyen (\u003c 45 x 45 inch)|medium*moyen facet,1629*Abstraite*abstraite facet,1629*abstrakt*abstrakt facet,1629*abstracto*abstracto facet,1629*Abstract*abstract facet,10497*Oeuvres d'artistes célèbres|icon-masterpieces*artistes-celebres facet,10497*Artworks by famous artists|icon-masterpieces*masterpieces facet,10497*Werke berühmter Künstler|icon-masterpieces*werke-beruhmter-kunstler facet,10497*Obras de artistas famosos|icon-masterpieces*obras-de-artistas-famosos facet,8259*Nos recommandations|icon-recommendations*recommandations facet,8259*Our recommendations|icon-recommendations*recommendations facet,8259*unsere Empfehlungen|icon-recommendations*unsere-empfehlungen facet,8259*Nuestras recomendaciones|icon-recommendations*nuestras-recomendaciones facet,1635*Street art*street-art facet,1635*Straßenkunst*street-art facet,1635*arte callejero*arte-callejero category,9*Photographie*photographie category,9*Fotografie*fotografie category,9*Fotografía*fotografia category,9*Photography*photography category,5*Sculpture*sculpture category,5*Skulptur*skulptur category,5*Escultura*escultura price,1001:5000 facet,1671*Nature*nature facet,1671*Natur*natur facet,1671*Naturaleza*naturaleza facet,1644*Portrait*portrait facet,1644*Porträt*portrat facet,1644*Retrato*retrato facet,1686*Pop Art*pop-art facet,1686*Pop-Art*pop-art facet,1686*Arte pop*arte-pop facet,8280*Très grand (\u003e 200 x 200 cm)*tres-grand facet,8280*Très grand (\u003e 200 x 200 cm)|very-large*tres-grand facet,8280*Très grand (\u003e 80 x 80 inch)|very-large*tres-grand category,23*Dessin*dessin category,23*Zeichnung*zeichnung category,23*Fine Art Drawings*drawing category,23*Dibujo*dibujo category,15*Edition*edition category,15*Print*print category,15*Druck*editionen category,15*Edición*edicion facet,1641*Nude*nude facet,1641*Akt*akte facet,1641*Nus*nus facet,1641*desnudos*desnudos facet,1827*Portrait*orientation-portrait facet,1827*Hochformat*orientation-portrat facet,1827*Portrait|portrait*orientation-portrait facet,1827*Retrato*orientation-retrato facet,1827*Retrato|portrait*orientation-retrato facet,1827*Hochformat|portrait*orientation-portrat price,1000:501 facet,8277*Large (\u003c 200 x 200 cm)*large facet,8277*Large (\u003c 80 x 80 inch)*large facet,8277*Large (\u003c 200 x 200 cm)|large*large facet,8277*Large (\u003c 80 x 80 inch)|large*large facet,1830*Paisaje*orientation-paisaje facet,1830*Landscape*orientation-landscape facet,1830*Paysage*orientation-paysage facet,1830*Landschaft*orientation-landschaft facet,1830*Paisaje|landscape*orientation-paisaje facet,1830*Paysage|landscape*orientation-paysage facet,1830*Landscape|landscape*orientation-landscape facet,1830*Landschaft|landscape*orientation-landschaft facet,1674*Everyday life*everyday-life facet,1674*Scène de vie*scene-de-vie facet,1674*Etchleben*etchleben facet,1674*Escena de la vida*escena-de-la-vida facet,8274*Medium (\u003c 45 x 45 inch)*medium facet,8274*Medium (\u003c 115 x 115 cm)*medium facet,8274*Medium (\u003c 45 x 45 inch)|medium*medium facet,8274*Medium (\u003c 115 x 115 cm)|medium*medium facet,8301*Special offers|icon-promotions*promotions facet,8301*Oeuvres en promotion|icon-promotions*promotions facet,8301*Special Offers|icon-promotions*vergunstigte-werke facet,8301*Trabajos en promoción|icon-promotions*trabajos-en-promocion facet,1680*Animal*animal facet,1680*Animaux*animaux facet,1680*Tier*tier facet,1680*Animales*animales facet,8271*Petit (\u003c 50 x 50 cm)*petit facet,8271*Petit (\u003c 20 x 20 inch)*petit facet,8271*Petit (\u003c 20 x 20 inch)|small*petit facet,8271*Petit (\u003c 50 x 50 cm)|small*petit facet,8280*Very large (\u003e 80 x 80 inch)*very-large facet,8280*Very large (\u003e 200 x 200 cm)*very-large facet,8280*Very large (\u003e 80 x 80 inch)|very-large*very-large facet,8280*Very large (\u003e 200 x 200 cm)|very-large*very-large facet,108*oil*oil facet,108*huile*huile facet,108*al oleo*al-oleo facet,108*Öl*ol facet,126*acrylique*acrylique facet,126*acrylic*acrylic facet,126*Acryl-*acryl facet,126*acrílico*acrilico price,50001 facet,1668*Noir et blanc*noir-et-blanc facet,1668*Schwarz und weiß*schwarz-und-weiss facet,1668*Black and white*black-and-white facet,1668*Blanco y negro*blanco-y-negro price,5001:10000 facet,1659*Flore*flore facet,1659*Floral*floral facet,1659*Flora*flora facet,1659*Flores*flores facet,1632*Architecture*architecture facet,1632*Die Architektur*die-architektur facet,1632*Arquitectura*arquitectura facet,1650*Paysage urbain*paysage-urbain facet,1650*Urban Landscape*urban-landscape facet,1650*Paisaje urbano*paisaje-urbano facet,1650*Städtische Landschaft*stadtische-landschaft facet,12*noir|050002*noir facet,12*Black|050002*black facet,12*schwarz|050002*schwarz facet,12*negro|050002*negro facet,42*Rouge|FC2912*rouge facet,42*Red|FC2912*red facet,42*rot|FC2912*rot facet,42*Rojo|FC2912*rojo price,10001:25000 price,25001:50000 facet,30*Dark blue|0707BD*dark-blue facet,30*bleu foncé|0707BD*bleu-fonce facet,30*Dunkelblau|0707BD*dunkelblau facet,30*azul oscuro|0707BD*azul-oscuro facet,8268*Très petit (\u003c 25 x 25 cm)*tres-petit facet,8268*Très petit (\u003c 10 x 10 inch)*tres-petit facet,8268*Très petit (\u003c 25 x 25 cm)|very-small*tres-petit facet,1692*Geometric*geometric facet,1692*Géométrique*geometrique facet,1692*Geometrisch*geometrisch facet,1692*Geometría*geometria
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Hunter & Gatti, Strangers, Photography

Hunter & Gatti

Strangers, 2020
76 x 61 x 0.3 cm


Heike Bohnstengel, Evening Cloud, NM, Photography

Heike Bohnstengel

Evening Cloud, NM, 2019
45 x 60 x 0.1 cm


Grzegorz Sikorski, Capuccetto Rosso, Photography

Grzegorz Sikorski

Capuccetto Rosso, 2018
60 x 42 x 0.1 cm

$218 $196

Joëlle Dollé, Arbre et lumière - 1123, Photography

Joëlle Dollé

Arbre et lumière - 1123, 2018
60 x 80 x 0.2 cm


Alexander Benz, Touchy, Photography

Alexander Benz

Touchy, 2021
80 x 80 x 0.1 cm


Claire Luxton, The Wishing Well, Photography

Claire Luxton

The Wishing Well, 2020
135 x 100 x 5 cm


Jean-Michel Voge, L’Arc de Triomphe Wrapped, Paris, Photography

Jean-Michel Voge

L’Arc de Triomphe Wrapped, Paris, 2021
33 x 48.3 cm


Hank Gans, Empire, New York City, Photography

Hank Gans

Empire, New York City, 2014
48.3 x 33 cm


Gustave Le Gray, The Brig, Photography

Gustave Le Gray

The Brig, 2020
76.2 x 101.6 cm


Herbert Ponting, The Castle Berg, Photography

Herbert Ponting

The Castle Berg, 2020
76.2 x 101.6 cm


Shepherd & Robertson, The Taj Mahal At Agra, Photography

Shepherd & Robertson

The Taj Mahal At Agra, 2020
101.6 x 152.4 cm


Our recommendations Man Ray, Untitled Portrait of Female, Photography

Man Ray

Untitled Portrait of Female, 1940
25.7 x 26 cm


Marco Girolami, Goddess Clara from Burlesque Project, Photography

Marco Girolami

Goddess Clara from Burlesque Project, 2011
21 x 14 x 0.3 cm


Our recommendations Yevgeniy Repiashenko, No title (No 10), from Spirit series, Photography

Yevgeniy Repiashenko

No title (No 10), from Spirit series, 2015
90 x 72 x 0.1 cm


Samuel Bourne, Hamta Pass Himalayas, Photography

Samuel Bourne

Hamta Pass Himalayas, 2020
76.2 x 101.6 cm


Harry Hammond, 'Nat King Cole', Photography

Harry Hammond

'Nat King Cole', 2020
40 x 40 cm


Anthony Horth, Coral sea conservation diving adventure, Photography

Anthony Horth

Coral sea conservation diving adventure, 2014
61 x 99.1 x 0.3 cm


Andréa Olga Mantovani, Le Chant du Cygne, Heros, Photography

Andréa Olga Mantovani

Le Chant du Cygne, Heros, 2017
50 x 60 x 0.1 cm


Forough Yavari, Salvation, Photography

Forough Yavari

Salvation, 2020
61 x 76.2 x 0.1 cm


Eugene Clutterbuck Impey, The Taj Mahal, Photography

Eugene Clutterbuck Impey

The Taj Mahal, 2020
76.2 x 50.8 cm


Our recommendations Annie Leibovitz, Andy Warhol, New York City, Photography

Annie Leibovitz

Andy Warhol, New York City, 1976
50.8 x 40.6 cm


Our recommendations Sarah Moon, Nevermind, Photography

Sarah Moon

Nevermind, 1989
49.5 x 39.4 x 0.3 cm


Our recommendations Roger Ballen, Spooky Eyes, Photography

Roger Ballen

Spooky Eyes, 2012
36 x 24 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Kenro Izu, Still Life 108 and Still life 158, Photography

Kenro Izu

Still Life 108 and Still life 158, 1994
35.6 x 66 x 0.3 cm


Herb Ritts, Stephanie Seymour, Los Angeles, Photography

Herb Ritts

Stephanie Seymour, Los Angeles, 1989
35.6 x 27.9 cm


Our recommendations Théo Gosselin, Lost and Found, Photography

Théo Gosselin

Lost and Found, 2019
20 x 30 x 3 cm


Our recommendations Gabriel Orozco, Batwaves, Photography

Gabriel Orozco

Batwaves, 2012
20.32 x 15.24 cm


Our recommendations Bob Willoughby, Elizabeth Taylor in red bathing suit during filming on 'Raintree County', 1956, Photography

Bob Willoughby

Elizabeth Taylor in red bathing suit during filming on 'Raintree County', 1956, 1956
30.5 x 24.1 cm


Frank Horvat, Kristin, Framed, Photography

Frank Horvat

Kristin, Framed, 1980
78.7 x 66 x 0.3 cm


Our recommendations Alessandro Puccinelli, Mare #3, Photography

Alessandro Puccinelli

Mare #3, 2005
50 x 50 x 4 cm


Our recommendations Charles Pétillon, Mutation 1, Photography

Charles Pétillon

Mutation 1, 2014
60 x 78 x 1 cm


Our recommendations Dina Goldstein, Voodoo, Photography

Dina Goldstein

Voodoo, 2014
45 x 58 x 1 cm


Alberto Sánchez, Un Sogno #1, Photography

Alberto Sánchez

Un Sogno #1, 2021
54 x 42 x 1 cm


Our recommendations Edmund Sumner, Leaning Man, Photography

Edmund Sumner

Leaning Man, 2017
59.8 x 47.5 x 0.1 cm


Karol Kállay, Down on East River, Photography

Karol Kállay

Down on East River, 1965
30 x 30 cm


Ricky Cohete, Embrace of Man: from the Blanco Series. Small Archival Pigment print, Sepia, Photography

Ricky Cohete

Embrace of Man: from the Blanco Series. Small Archival Pigment print, Sepia, 2017
76.2 x 50.8 x 0.3 cm


Uwe Ommer, Total, Photography

Uwe Ommer

Total, 1965
40.6 x 50.8 x 0.3 cm


Our recommendations Leo Matiz, Frida Kahlo, Casa Azul Coyoacan, Photography

Leo Matiz

Frida Kahlo, Casa Azul Coyoacan, 1945
22.2 x 16.5 x 2.5 cm


Our recommendations Kristin Hart, DESERT SHADOWS - PINK, Photography

Kristin Hart

121.9 x 81.3 x 2.5 cm


Our recommendations Horst P. Horst, Istanbul - Untitled #4, Photography

Horst P. Horst

Istanbul - Untitled #4, 1954
39.9 x 39.9 x 0.3 cm


Our recommendations Cristina Aldehuela, Lelo 1, Photography

Cristina Aldehuela

Lelo 1, 2014
40 x 60 x 0.1 cm


Suki Da, No title (No 11), from Captured series, Photography

Suki Da

No title (No 11), from Captured series, 2019
120 x 80 x 0.1 cm


Our recommendations Guilherme Licurgo, Lost in the Fog III, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Photography

Guilherme Licurgo

Lost in the Fog III, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2011
88.9 x 58.4 cm


Dora Franco, Hongos con cuerdas II. From "Bodegon" series, Photography

Dora Franco

Hongos con cuerdas II. From "Bodegon" series, 2021
60 x 80 x 0.3 cm


Maud Chalard, Lost and Found, Photography

Maud Chalard

Lost and Found, 2019
40 x 60 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Paloma Castello, Tropicarios Installation, Photography

Paloma Castello

Tropicarios Installation, 2017
88.9 x 63.5 cm


Maurice Tabard, Untitled (Solarized Landscape), Photography

Maurice Tabard

Untitled (Solarized Landscape), 1947
28.6 x 22.9 cm


Léo  Caillard, Hipster in Stone XVII, Philopoemen, Photography

Léo Caillard

Hipster in Stone XVII, Philopoemen, 2018
120 x 80 cm


Our recommendations Magda Von Hanau, Metamorphosis 3, Photography

Magda Von Hanau

Metamorphosis 3, 2019
84.8 x 64.8 x 0.3 cm


Our recommendations Julien Poupart, Ensemble, Photography

Julien Poupart

Ensemble, 2011
40 x 60 x 0.1 cm


Léa Bon, Lady of Naggaroth 1, Photography

Léa Bon

Lady of Naggaroth 1, 2013
91.4 x 61 x 0.3 cm


Our recommendations David Van Dartel, Sil in de storm/Sil in the storm, Photography

David Van Dartel

Sil in de storm/Sil in the storm, 2018
30 x 45 cm


Natasha Zupan, Eternal Recurrence #48, Photography

Natasha Zupan

Eternal Recurrence #48, 2015
35.6 x 29.2 cm


Our recommendations Mark Leech, Sir Alex, Photography

Mark Leech

Sir Alex, 2001
30 x 45 x 0.1 cm


Our recommendations Albert Watson, Christy Turlington, Photography

Albert Watson

Christy Turlington, 1990
60.3 x 50.2 cm


Juan Lamarca, Lineup, Photography

Juan Lamarca

Lineup, 2017
55.9 x 76.2 x 0.3 cm


Our recommendations Hans Feurer, FRZ. Volume, Dye Transfer Print, 74, Photography

Hans Feurer

FRZ. Volume, Dye Transfer Print, 74, 1974
57.8 x 48.9 x 0.3 cm


Jill Peters, Paddle Boarders, Photography

Jill Peters

Paddle Boarders, 2015
68.6 x 99.1 cm


Shine Huang, Rebirth II, Photography

Shine Huang

Rebirth II, 2018
50.8 x 40.6 x 0.3 cm


Emma Anna, 6 / The Lovers, Photography

Emma Anna

6 / The Lovers, 2014
92.1 x 71.1 x 0.3 cm


Zoltan Gerliczki, Still Life with a Green Skull, Photography

Zoltan Gerliczki

Still Life with a Green Skull, 2019
80 x 64.8 x 0.3 cm


Antonio Castañeda, B. Calle Estanco, Cartagena, Photography

Antonio Castañeda

B. Calle Estanco, Cartagena, 2017
36 x 28 x 0.1 cm


José Sierra, Deseo Insular III, Photography

José Sierra

Deseo Insular III, 2015
91.4 x 55.9 x 0.3 cm


Matthew Porter, Valley Oak, Photography

Matthew Porter

Valley Oak, 2019
68 x 81 cm


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